Monday, January 14, 2013

Don't Be Wasteful

I felt this was a most appropriate Manic Monday post considering the last one was about how Stitch swears we never feed him. I made tuna sandwiches for the family on Sunday for lunch. And as I was throwing the cans away I apparently dropped some/smeared some/got some on the outside edge of the garbage can. 

Stitch was rather disgusted with me. No joke he gave me the look of death. Perhaps it was because I hadn't saved any for him as he thinks I ought to do with every can of tuna I open. It also could have been a "How dare you waste tune Mother! How dare you be so wasteful! There are starving cats out there and one of them is me!"

He ran over to the garbage can, before Gordita knew what had happened, and helped clean it off.

Friday, January 11, 2013

There Are Starving Cats Out There

I’m not sure how many of you might have heard the “Eat your food because there are starving kids out there in the world” speech from your parents. I don’t recall hearing it too often. My dad used to tell us about how my Grandma would tell him he had better eat his food or she would send it to the starving kids in the Philippines. As a parent I've used it on my kids. Mainly because I want them to know that they really ought to be thankful for the opportunity to have three well-rounded meals each day. There are far too many children living in poverty and going without consistent, nutritious meals to not be thankful for what you have.

The other day I found myself giving the speech to my cat. By “my cat” I mean Stitch. Stitch is a grazer when it comes to eating, and Gordita is still on the “I will eat all of my food and whatever Stitch hasn't" diet. To try and save on food I have been feeding them a very small amount three times a day. Not only does this save on food but it has reduced both the number of times Gordita pukes up her food from gorging on it too fast, and the number of times that she’s been given an opportunity to scarf down whatever Stitch has left in his bowl.

However, since it is a smaller amount Stitch swears he is starving. I've tried feeding him bigger amounts and giving Gordita less, and when I have he has left the extra kibble in his bowl for her. I've even fed him extra wet cat food since Gordita won’t touch the stuff. I think she is worried it will go to her hips. And despite my attempts to make him feel like he’s getting more or to even give him more he runs around with wide, hungry eyes begging for food.

I've even caught him sleeping curled up around the food canister on top of the dryer a few times. Each time he wakes up he sits up next to the food begging me with those “feed me I’m starving” eyes. I swear he has even tried the “poor, cute, little me” Puss in Boots from Shrek eyes. None of these looks, unfortunately for him, work on me.

Back to the point, about an hour after feeding the cats the other morning Stitch came running up to me as I was grinding up my coffee beans. He flashed me the eyes. Before I could stop myself I found myself lecturing him about how “You should be thankful that you get any food. There are hundreds of starving kitties out there who don’t even get a bite of kibble and you get at least three little cups a day.” I even had the hand on my hip as I wagged my finger at him in tune to the lecture.

I’m pretty sure he rolled his eyes as me as he walked away. I’m pretty sure he was muttering a string of obscenities about what a crazy, stupid human I was as he sulked on the couch. Something about how I must think I'm the grand queen talking to him like that. About how I'm lucky I'm the one that rescued him or he would have gone all Puss In Boots on me. I’m also pretty sure that my lecture went in one kitty ear and out the other.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Stitch Moped All Day

I thought it would be fun to dedicate a post on Mondays to a priceless, precious photo that I've snapped. I have so many that get too old to make posts for. With that said, here is the first official Manic Monday Photo. This was on a rainy day a couple weeks back. Stitch begged, and begged, and begged to be let outside to roll around on the grass. However, when I opened the door he discovered that it was pouring rain. I think his spirits fell into a melancolic despair. He dragged his tail on the floor as he retreated back from the cold, wet stuff and parked his butt on Jax's Princess couch. And moped for the rest of the day.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Festive Pissed Off Cat

I’m not sure about your cats, but my cats hate being dressed up. I haven’t really tried anything past a hat or a collar. The hat is really a little cap that was a Chicken Halloween costume that I got for Stitch one year. I really thought that maybe he would wear it. He wore it, for about 20 minutes, then gave me the look of death and then managed to pull it off of his head. You can see the play-by-play click here.

The Chicken Hat has been dubbed the “Hat of Shame” by my sister. Cats in this house must wear the “Hat of Shame” when they do something really horrible or selfish. Like the time that Stitch spilled my nice, cold, refreshing glass of white wine (it was the last of the bottle that I had been saving for a hard day and oh, had it been a hard day). And the time when Gordita was so angry at me she beat up on Stitch.

This Christmas my sister and I found a quick joy in dressing Stitch up in some of Jax’s accessories. It started with a curiosity of whether or not her doll’s tiara would fit on Stitch’s head. Upon the joyful discover that not only did it fit, but that it stayed on his head we clipped one of her hair bows to his collar. The end result – one pissed off, but festive and pretty cat.

We did take them both off as soon as we had gotten a great shot. But its no wonder our tree ended up with only the top third still with decorations (you might be able to tell in the background of the photo). But in my opinion it is still quite a bit of a tossup between the toddler and the cats of who took off the most ornaments.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thankful For Tolerant Cats

This year I am thankful that both Stitch and Gordita are tolerant and (I guess) understanding when it comes to living with a toddler. The latest and greatest is this gem of a photo.

That is Gordita. Those are Dora the Explorer stickers. Jackelyn has discovered the glory of stickers. One day she brought over the sheet and we put stickers all over her shirt. She walked away to go play. About 20 minutes later I went to go check on her and as I passed Gordita who was sitting on the couch I noticed she had some new accessories.

Gordita let Jackelyn share her Dora stickers with her. Which means not only was she kind enough to let Jackelyn sit next to her, but she also let her touch her and attach the stickers to her. Luckily the stickers weren't super sticky and they didn't have much resistance when I removed them. Gordita didn't seem fazed but she did give me a look that clearly said “I hope you see how nice I am.”

Yes, Gordita. Note taken. Thank you.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Meeting Oreo

Our house has been an interesting place to be the last week and a half. My cousin is moving so we’ve been watching her cat Oreo. A beautiful, black and white, long-haired girl cat who is sweet but naughty.

We did introductions via the cat carrier. Stitch was curious enough to go up to the cat carrier. He, of course, greeted her with a hiss.

Gordita wasn’t willing to get that close. She greeted her with a growl.

Jackelyn shared some cat treats with her to make her feel a little more welcomed.

As when Stitch and Gordita first met there has been a lot of growling, and hissing and boxing. Nothing too scary or violent though. We have dished a few timeouts of alone-time in the bathroom, but it hasn't been as bad as it had potential to be.

Gordita did take her anger out on Stitch though for the first week. Oreo wanted to play with Stitch, but he denied her any playtime. So she’s been creating her own playtime.

A hierarchy of dominance has been established. Gordita picks on Oreo. Oreo picks on Stitch. Stitch runs away from Gordita and Oreo.

I've tried to tell him that Oreo is only here for a few more days. I don’t think he believes me. He gave me the cold shoulder for the first couple of days. Lately, though, he has been cuddling next to me.

First I brought him to live with the boys and Gordita. Then Gordita left but I brought home the first baby. Then Gordita came back. Then I brought home another baby. Poor Stitch.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gordita Hears a Noise

Monday morning came around and it was time to print out and sign my timesheet. Gordita was sitting right next to the printer looking at me. I assume she was trying to send me telepathic vibes to reach into the Cat Nack bag and scoop her up some tasty morsels. I also assumed that since she’s been living with me for the last year I thought she knew all about the printer. We all know what assuming makes you. Then again, she’s never sat with her head at the same level as the printer before as its running. It was a whole new experience.

The printer whirred to life and Gordita’s eyes widened. She cocked her head and listened. The printer sucked up a piece of paper and Gordita about jumped out of her skin. She kept her composure though and looked the printer square in the dark depth of its soul.

She stuck a paw into that black hole of mystery and felt around. Not feeling anything she switched paws and stuck the other one in. Something was definitely in there making a noise and being the fearless female Amazon cat that she is, she was going to seek it out and (if it was truly a find) conquer and destroy it.

Just trying to do its job, the printer printed and slipped my timesheet under her curious paw pad. She leaned back with a look of surprise. At least what I interpreted as surprise. I caught the precious moment on camera. Perhaps you can better put into words the look on her face.